Your first virtual private network

The goal here is to show you how to build a small virtual private network. We assume you already have an account, and you're logged in.

Let say you would like to access your office computer so you can work remotely. From the dashboard you first need to Create a new virtual network. That will pop up a new form. We are going to name the new network Telework.

Now add two nodes in your Telework network: Home Computer and Office Computer. The system will automatically attribute a new IP address to each node. The provisionning key is a unique password that is used to provision your VPN client the first time you connect. Your newly created virtual private network (VPN) is ready to receive connection from your home computer and your office computer.

At this point you have to install the DynVPN client on each computer. The first time you connect, the client must be provisioned.

You just need to copy-n-paste the key and click Next. The final step is to press connect !

In the download section, you'll find the appropriate client to install on your platform.

If you are using the console version, you need to input the key the first time you launch the client:
# netvirt-agent -k PROV_KEY

Once it's provisioned, you just call the client directly:
# netvirt-agent